Step into Spring, with a quick Spring clean of your garden!

Mar 22, 2020

We have faced a fair few cold, wet days here in Plymouth recently. In fact, Devon and Cornwall have seen even more drastic weather over this Winter period than usual, but what hasnt changed is the constant gruelling task of maintaining your garden.

The soggy wet leaves and mulch wont clear themselves, and avoiding it means leaving your garden slippery, clogged up and the perfect place for mites and flies to breed. You may have bought your house because you love the design of your garden, or maybe you paid for an expert garden designer to spruce up your garden, so dont let the weather put you off preparing your garden to be enjoyed this year.


At Man for all Seasons , we conducted routine and one-off garden maintenance in Plymouth to do all those garden maintenance tasks that you dont really want to do. It just so happens, turning a garden from a mulchy Winter mess to Spring sun trap, is one of our favourite things to do!

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At Man for all Seasons we want to encourage you to enjoy and take pride in your outside space, so here are a few tips, tricks, and helpful things to remember.


1. Clear your garden debris – Plymouth City Council collect garden waste fortnightly if you register on their system for a collection. You can collect small recycling bags from your local library. (More info here)

2. Dont cut your grass too early – Remember it is still not warm enough for your lawn to recover fully. Leave your grass cutting for when the sun is out, just before youre ready to roll out the picnic mat.

3. Clear your drains – The fallen leaves through winter will not only clog your guttering and create gutter overflow but once the warmer weather arrives, standing water will start to smell and be the perfect breeding ground for small mites.


4. Pressure wash your patio and decking – Of course, pressure washing not only brightens up your walkway, but clears it of any moss and algae. This can make your walkway extremely slippery on dewy summer mornings.


5. Re-turfing and seeding – At some point, most grass areas find themselves needing re-turfing or re-seeding in patches. This task is more than just throwing down some seeds on a muddy patch, as the area needs to be prepared for the seeds before you sew. Do some research before you begin so you understand and can plan your process for success. 

6. Re-staining and painting – Taking care of your decking and fencing are often overlooked. Even hard surfaces like stone and concrete need a little maintenance. Fencing and decking are prone to becoming weak, but regular treatment can prevent wood rot and algae.

7. Fixing storm damage – This is the perfect time to begin repairing damage from the recent storms we have had. If you have found a few of your fence panels are down, give us a call and we can sort it for you.

8. Consider your usability – Part of getting ready for summeris deciding in Spring to book in for your garden re-design! Landscaping businesses start to get extremely busy this time of the year, (we certainly do!), so book now and begin planning to avoid disappointment.

All of these Spring clean, garden maintenance tasks can be booked with Man for all Seasons in Plymouth. Just call 01752 312 111 or pop into our office in Plympton to discuss your garden.


As well as garden maintenance in Plymouth, we also offer Grounds maintenance for larger areas and commercial property, Landscaping and garden design. Book your professional gardener in Plymouth today, for all your garden and grounds maintenance to be taken care of this Spring.


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