Garden Design

Want to transform your outdoor space but don’t know where to start? Our garden design services are the perfect fit. We’re bursting with ideas, and when we team those ideas with our unrivalled expertise, skill and experience, something pretty magical happens.


Lead designer Luke is fully qualified in garden and landscape design, and his flair is second-to-none.

Our Process

1. Initial Consultation

We’ll pop round and get to know you and your space. Maybe you’ve got a clear vision of what you want already, or perhaps you need some extra inspiration? We’ll listen to your needs, bounce some ideas around and get an idea of your budget.

2. Site Analysis & Survey

We’ll measure up and note any existing features and unique characteristics to be preserved. Sometimes for larger projects needing a more detailed survey we’ll bring in professional surveyors.

3. Preliminary Ideas & Design Development

Here’s where the creative fun really starts! We’ll draw up some outline sketches, trying out different concepts and considering the finishing touches, and we’ll consult with you every step of the way.

4. Presentation of Master Plan & Landscape Drawings

Once the scale masterplan is committed to paper, the design process is finalised. This will show you the structural features along with heights and levels, and identify planted areas. We’ll use cutting-edge IT to produce 3D models to give you a sense of how it will look. We’ll be able to give you estimated costs at this stage too.

5. Construction & Planting

We have a list of approved contractors to get the job started, but if you have a preferred one that’s fine too. For smaller projects, we carry out the work ourselves using reliable tradespeople and craftspeople. We’ll start planting up at this stage, and we’ve plenty of trusted suppliers on that front too.

6. Monitoring & Project Management

We find that some clients like to oversee the build themselves, but we’d always prefer to do it ourselves so we can ensure that everything is carried out to perfection. We’ll make regular site visits to monitor the work and ensure deadlines won’t be missed.

Case Studies

We know you’ll want to see examples of what we’ve achieved. So we’ve put together a few case studies, highlighting our broad range of services – and hopefully inspiring you to become our next happy customer.

A compact makeover

Emily and Karen came to us for advice on their rather awkward triangular outside space of about 15 square meters. It was a very shady, damp space in the corner of a new complex of town houses. Not exactly a space where they relished spending time…

Get in touch

If you’d like to talk your garden design needs through in more detail, give us a call on 01752 312111 or send an email to for a no-obligation chat..