Making more of Moorhaven

We’ve been working on the beautiful grounds at Moorhaven since 1st April 2013. Our workload mostly involves commercial grounds maintenance, but the structure of Moorhaven is that of approximately 117 houses owned under a shareholder agreement. *Note* As of April 2016, Moorhaven’s grounds will be managed by another company. Man for all Seasons would like to wish the team at Moorhaven all the best for the future. It’s been a pleasure working with you.

The Problem

When we started working with Moorhaven, we needed to provide regular grass cutting services for every single house  (every 10 days) during growing season, and as required during the rest of the year. At each property, we’d also be required to cut the hedges which lie on their boundary.

We also needed to keep pathways, car parks and roads shipshape, making sure excess leaf fall was seen to quickly, and that roads were treated with rock salt during icy periods.

The Solution

We set up an efficient grass- and hedge-cutting round which could bend and flex with the tenants’ requirements. We also worked out a plan to tend to the communal areas, which include tennis courts, a sports field, a meadow, an arboretum, formal lawns, a croquet lawn, a boules court and a cemetery which is left over from the estate’s hospital days. All communal car parking areas and roads which run through the village were our responsibility.

And from the beginning, it all ran beautifully. We communicated regularly with Moorhaven’s management company and posted updates to ‘The Bus Stop’: the unofficial village Facebook page. Regular meetings ensured everything went smoothly and nothing slipped through the cracks. We’re really proud of all the work we’ve done through the years at Moorhaven. It was a massive contract to manage but it’s been more than worth all the hard work.

What can we do for you?

Plenty! You’ll see from our list of services and skills that, when it comes to whipping outside spaces into shape, there’s not much we can’t help with.

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