A gardener’s garden

This client initially approached us while working on a neighbouring garden. She gave us masses of information on the many different plants, trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs in her mature garden.

A qualified gardener herself, she wanted a local, knowledgeable, skilled and professional gardener to help maintain her garden in Cornwall.

The Problem

The client is now less able to tend to the garden as she would like to. So she asked if we could take on more work to keep things ticking over. This is the kind of work which Luke, the manager of Man for all Seasons, really relishes. These professional-level jobs are exactly what his qualifications are intended for.

The garden needs a lot of work all year round, so we wanted to provide our client with all the help she needed. That way, she could go on enjoying the beauty of her garden without the strain.

The Solution

This project is ongoing, and we visit regularly to carry out a host of tasks. The garden is certainly a winter/spring garden: although it still looks great through summer and autumn, It performs best in the late autumn through to early spring, with many features of year round interest and various trees providing fantastic autumn colour.

The garden includes a pond with many different irises, and a kitchen garden which features espalier apples and pear arches. There are beautiful climbing roses everywhere and frames of wisteria. Plantings of clematis reside in every space imaginable. It’s truly breathtaking and is one of our favourite gardens.

What our customers say...

“I am an experienced plantsman gardener but I needed someone with necessary skills to help manage my garden. Luke has enthusiastic plant knowledge and gardening skills, these including vegetables. Working alongside me, Luke has benefited from getting to know many plants and learning the specialist pruning and maintenance regimes. This all adding to his existing experience which he can pass on to his team.”

What can we do for you?

Plenty! You’ll see from our list of services and skills that, when it comes to whipping outside spaces into shape, there’s not much we can’t help with.

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