Your spring gardening masterclass!

Apr 1, 2019

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or you’re looking forward to rolling those sleeves up for the first time, we believe that spring is the best time to get stuck in. Warmer weather makes being outside all the more rewarding, and your hard work seems to pay off much faster.

In honour of the seasons starting to change, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks for whipping that garden into shape, ready for the long, lazy summer days ahead.

Come one, come all

A great way to make your garden look and feel more inviting is to plant wildlife-friendly flowers. Violets and marigolds are perfect for attracting bees and butterflies to boost pollination among local fauna.

Ever fancied installing a pond? Early spring is a great time to get started and if you surround it with edible shrubs then you’re sure to welcome a host of interesting visitors. Something to sit back and watch from afar in your beautifully tended garden!

Kick off the compost

Spring is the perfect time to get started on that compost heap. It’s a great way to generate much-needed nutrients for the rest of your garden and offers up a repository for grass clippings, vegetable peelings, fallen leaves etc.

Our top tip for choosing your compost heap location is to go for somewhere that gets decent sunlight through the day. That way, your compost will develop far more quickly. Just remember to give it a bit of water now and again to keep it moist. If you’d rather keep your compost out of sight, you can find plenty of storage options in your local gardening shop or online.

Love your lawn

If your grass is looking a little lacklustre after the winter period, give it a little TLC now and it’ll pay dividends in the months to come. Rake out all the old moss and clippings (good for the compost!) and go over the lawn with a fork.

That’s right! A good old piece of cutlery could be the only thing standing between you and a superbly lush lawn. Use the fork to poke deep holes every 10-20cm or so and it’ll improve both drainage and aeration, especially in areas that get a lot of traction.

Birds of a feather…

… grow together. Certain flowers seem to grow bigger and bolder when they’re coupled up with a good match. So when you’re planning your planting, try arranging dwarf marigolds and tomatoes or runner beans and sweet peas in tandem for the best yield.

Happy spring!

In truth, we could go on and on with our spring gardening tips. Above are just a few things you can try this season to improve your garden’s wellbeing and create a hub of natural activity.

And if you need any help getting your grand gardening plans off the ground, get in touch today to find out how Man for all Seasons can help.


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