How (quickly) does your garden grow?

Mar 7, 2019

grass cutting PlymouthIf you’re like most of our customers, the answer to that question is “pretty quickly!”. The Man for all Seasons team takes on a variety of gardening projects but a lot of our schedule involves running grass-cutting services in and around Plymouth and all over South Devon. We’re experts when it comes to keeping lawns under control and cutting them with skill and patience to ensure they stay healthy, green and lush through the warmer seasons. Whether it’s for busy people who just don’t have the time, landlords with budding property portfolios, or retirees who enjoy a cup of tea with us after we’re shorn their lawn, the team loves nothing more than a day of grass-cutting appointments around south Devon. The first cut of the year Right now, we’re at the perfect time for booking in the first lawn cut of the year. When the weather starts to warm up around March and April, your lawn will start to grow after a long winter season and require a little more regular tending so it’s in the best condition. From this point up until about June, we’d recommend cutting the grass once or twice a month. You might need to step this up to two or three times a month when summer comes knocking. How much to cut? A lot of people get a bit over excited on the first cut of the year and they cut the lawn far too short. As professional gardeners, we know that the ‘one third’ rule is king: you should never cut more than a third of each blade off at a time, as this can stress out your grass and make it go an unhealthy shade of brown or yellow. Cutting new grass If you have new grass that’s been grown from seed, you’ll need to take a little more care. This young grass needs an expert hand to make sure it’s cut correctly and not damaged in the process. This is a topic we’re asked about regularly, so we’ll dedicate a blog post to this in the coming weeks to go into more detail. Booking your grass-cutting appointment Right now, we have a few spaces on our schedule and we can accommodate customers all over South Devon as well as on our local patch in the Plymouth area. We have regular grass-cutting appointments in Salcombe, Totnes and Dartmouth, so we’re able to travel and fit you in with our existing customers. Get in touch today to find out more.  

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