Garden Maintenance: MOT Your Outside Space

Mar 29, 2016

Once a year, that dreaded date rolls around: your car’s MOT is due. It’s usually costly, occasionally a bit of a nail-biter and always a pain to organise. What’s more, you have to keep on top of regular servicing to make sure everything’s ticking over nicely. Just like your car, you garden requires regular servicing and at least one annual MOT. But fortunately for you (and us), the whole thing’s a far more enjoyable experience than sending off a beloved automobile for a costly checkup. And for the most part, we can do it all ourselves at relatively low costs. Garden maintenance MOT It depends on the shape and structure of your garden but, just as with a car, a garden maintenance MOT is all about checking that everything’s in tip-top shape to face the coming season. It’s about digging up beds and borders, planting the right seeds for optimum growth, fixing up your fences, caring for the lawn and getting rid of any unsightly weeds and troublesome pests. Regular servicing Our analogy continues to stack up with the element of regular servicing. Just as you top up your fluids and check the levels in your car, you need to pay regular attention to the health of your beds, borders and lawns. You need to perform regular checks that plants and shrubs are growing correctly, and that your garden isn’t being invaded by destructive beasts. Finding the time Regular servicing jobs shouldn’t take too long, but the garden maintenance MOT will likely be a time-consuming job. This is no problem for those who have the time to dedicate, but what about those who can barely find five minutes to sit down with a cup fo tea? They call in the experts, of course. The team at Man for all Seasons is well-trained in taking a look at a garden and immediately knowing what needs to be done. Our garden maintenance MOT service can be performed at your convenience, and we can break down a list of what needs to be done, and divvy the list up if you’d like to take charge of certain items. We’re also on hand to perform the kind of regular servicing work that’s required. So if you’d like our help to get your garden purring like a well-oiled engine, just give us a call and we’ll get things moving.

What can we do for you?

Plenty! You’ll see from our list of services and skills that, when it comes to whipping outside spaces into shape, there’s not much we can’t help with.

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