Brand new garden services equipment

Jan 5, 2016

At Man for all Seasons, we’re always adding to our growing collection of gardening equipment. We’re an efficient team, but we love to employ clever machines to make our work easier without ever compromising on the quality of the finished job. Recently we’ve invested in two new pieces of equipment, and they’re each enjoying regular outings. We thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce them to you. STIHL HT131 telescopic pole pruner STIHL is an extremely well-respected brand in our industry, and their equipment is second to none. We recently added their superb HT131 telescopic pole pruner to our collection, which means we can now reach branches up to five metres off the ground. It’s been built with people like us firmly in mind, with simple, easy-to-operate controls and ergonomic construction so that we can steadily remove branches with confidence. No wobbles! It’s also great from a health and safety point of view, as the anti-vibration system dampens the machine’s oscillations. Too much vibration in a piece of equipment can cause long-term damage to the blood vessels, so our team is extra grateful for this feature. Our very own Billy Goat Nope, not a new office pet. We’ve invested in a fantastic leaf vacuum from American manufacturer, Billy Goat. It’s perfect for a host of jobs and we’re finding ourselves using it a lot this season across Plymouth. It’s light, easy to manoeuvre and does a comprehensive job of removing bags and bags of pesky fallen leaves. It’s perfect for patios, driveways, pathways and anywhere else that gets clogged up with leaves. If we can help restore your outside space to its leaf-free glory, just give us a shout! Our Billy Goat leaf vacuum is available for domestic and commercial jobs all over Plymouth and beyond. We’ll let you know if any other super machines join our crew.

What can we do for you?

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